noun: hint; plural noun: hints;

a slight or indirect indication or suggestion.
“Philipp dropped a hint that he’d like to come to the party.”
Synonyme: clue, suggestion, indication, indicator, sign;

a small piece of advice that helps you do something.
“Could you give us a hint about how to do this?”
Synonyme: tip, suggestion, advice, clue, recommendation;

Our passion for ligatures, our attention to details

You may have noticed those well-connected letters hidden behind words and texts. They usually don’t attract too much of our attention and remain hidden, easily overlooked and hard to find. They are, however, elegant, exquisite and complete. With its origins in early printing, ligature is the art of joining letters.

As is the case with ligature, we consider our works a fine-tuning process each step of the way. Losing the sense for detail and messing around is not our style. We offer solid, thoughtful and technically flawless services, setting ourselves always the highest standards.

We have also been able to implement the following processes in or own company already, learning about its weaknesses and exploring new potential in doing so. Owing to long years of experience as well as heart, passion and a strong will, we will do our utmost to provide you with our best possible support.


Corporate Design > What does my company really stand for?

Each and every design is based on a concept: where am I and how do I get there, who are my clients and how would I like them to see me? All these considerations are crucial for any further actions, and their answers are the foundation on which the following processes are being built.

How to choose a typeface? Which colours are most pleasing to the eye? Use logo or wordmark? These and other decisions make up the entire development process which eventually leads to the corporate image of your business – your corporate design.

We accompany and support you on your way from concept to implementation, enriching your own ideas with our external point of view. Our long years of experience and knowledge of all areas within the graphic industry enable us to offer you an extensive and optimized service portfolio, including insights into the agency, graphic and web design as well as printing processes and its workflows. Our expertise in these areas creates the possibility of developing optimized concepts for our clients.

In order to handle your job orders quickly and professionally, a competent and reliable partner is indispensable. For every single job order we are sure to put you in touch with the ideal contact. Our experience is your advantage.


Production process | From concept to implementation

There are countless possibilities of turning great visions into reality. In our experience, developing a striking eye-catcher can be easier than initially expected, and thanks to our experience within all areas of printing production processes we can effectively support you with implementing your visions. Cooperating with our partners, we produce your chosen print forms, stickers or even printed textiles according to our own highest standards.

In order to achieve only the best results it is necessary to put in a lot of precise and high-quality groundwork. Depending on the desired area of application, all data require a different type of processing. Colour spaces, printing paths and proofs are among those most important points that must be considered in order to meet your expectations and to comply with our own standards. We are glad to assist you from designing to delivery, based on our many years of experience.


The Digital Company vs. Webdesign

Having a strong web presence is not achieved by simply building an appealing website, no: at the very beginning a catchy domain name is required, a hosting product and email addresses must be chosen, and a clear definition of your target group must be established and captured. If your website offers all of these things, you have definitely managed to lay the technical foundations of future success within the internet communication business.

Also, any 21st century website must be both graphically appealing and – giving you a hint  informative. Your website must never be boring and, at the same time, fulfill the highest technical standards (i.e., responsive web design). The very first website went online back in 1998 and was built entirely through HTML files – only 25 years later, this seems impossible to imagine. The World Wide Web has evolved since and created tools that make creating a website seem like a piece of cake. Also, the Web has become more diverse. In the 1990s tools and processes like search engine optimization (SEO) and web shops were not popular yet. Multimedia contents had not yet acquired their presence of today due to broadband access available at that time. Times are changing – and you too can benefit from this!


Photography – your on-site studio

There is hardly any other area that fits better into the company of all previously mentioned design areas than photography. You will need photos of your colleagues to complete your web presence, photos of your products for brochures and business catalogues, or photos to spice up the interiors of your office – such as landscape photographs that will brighten up those gloomy winter days. So why should we not include one of our greatest passions in our portfolio?

We work only with state-of-the-art equipment by well-known manufacturers. Also, HINT has a mobile studio equipped with flash power packs and mobile photo walls serving as background, which allow as to be prepared at all times. Thanks to using digital medium formats the technical quality complies very well with photographic enlargements and provides you with unbeatable detail reproductions. Additionally, we offer an exclusive – and still extraordinary – alternative to digital photography by producing traditional analogue large format photographs with the Linhof Technika. For achieving this rather vintage and classic flair, we usually estimate a little bit more time and budget.

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